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The Global Immersion Project cultivates everyday peacemakers through immersion in global conflict.  We give our participants access to seemingly inaccessible global & domestic conflicts and to the everyday peacemakers embedded within. Our goals are to help reintegrate peacemaking into our vocation as followers of Jesus and to activate the American Church as an instrument of peace in today’s world. We train the everyday peacemakers who are influencing the global and local realities from the within their own neighborhoods, villages, & cities.

Our training takes place in three primary ways: Learning Labs, One-Day Intensives, and Regional Cohorts.

Our Learning Labs: 

Each Learning Lab is a three-month journey that includes an interactive learning forum, a multi-day domestic or international immersion experience, and personalized coaching.  Our objective is that each participant would be equipped (1) to engage the human and conflict critically, collaboratively, & theologically, and (2) to embody the principles of everyday peacemaking within their own given contexts.

Our current Global Learning Labs immerse into the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict and our current Domestic Learning Labs immerse into the Immigration Crisis. We offer multiple Learning Labs each year, with 17 people in each.  Click Here to learn more and/or to enter one of our Learning Labs

Our One-Day Intensives:

We are activating the US American Church into everyday peacemaking through our tailor-made, one day Cultivate intensives. Our intensives are designed to help you, your team, and your community move peace and reconciliation from aspiring value to embodied reality.  Through Cultivate, we equip you with our paradigm for peacemaking that has been seasoned through international learning and local practice and mobilize you into the subversive, gritty work of waging peace in your own context.

Our Regional Cohorts: 

Become everyday peacemaking practitioners and trainers through ongoing instruction and training.  Over the course of 4-6 months, our cohorts are designed for individuals and faith communities who are seeking to leverage their influence on our world as compassionate, intelligent instruments of peace.

TGIP was co-founded and is curated by Jon and Jer Swigart. Both are social innovators who equip & mobilize men and women from across the spectrum of industries into the work of peacemaking. The TGIP team also includes international and domestic peacemakers & experts who are embedded in areas of conflict. If you and/or your community would like to participate in the future or if you have questions, please contact Becky.


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