Book Trailer #1: Why I Wrote Teaching Through the Art of Storytelling

This is the first in a series of four book trailers put together by my friends Jon Hall and Peter Schrock.  Not only is the world filled with dynamic stories, the Scriptures tell God’s Story. Our role is to invite others into the Story and one powerful way to communicate such an invitation is through the art of storytelling.

My book is currently available in Kindle form on Amazon.com.

It releases in paperback next month and is available for pre-order in the Youth Specialities Store.

As I continue to walk faithfully forward in writing, I feel called to serve the global Church and give a voice to the stories that are often forgotten.  It is a clear reality that I can’t be faithful in sharing and advocating through my writing without the support of others.  I need your partnership.

Here are two very simple ways:

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A Day in the Life of a Palestinian Revolutionary

I have enjoyed and been challenged by reading Burnside Writers Collective for the past 5+ years.  BWC is a Christian magazine presenting an alternative to franchise faith. It has Donald Miller roots and this past week I had the honor of having written the feature article. The article tells the story of one of our days in the West Bank/Palestine this last summer and of a Christian Palestinian couple that has chosen to give their lives to instill peace and reconciliation in the youth of the Middle East.  Below is the first paragraph, followed by a link to the complete article on BWC. 

“Even though my wife would be seven months pregnant by the time of our return, we couldn’t pass up the opportunity to study at Jerusalem University College this past summer.  As a guy who is captivated by the ways in which context and story are central to the Biblical narrative, our time was an incredibly academic and historically insightful experience.  More than anything, we were captivated by the way God’s Story is still being told today through the lives of his people, specifically the Palestinian Christians in the West Bank.  Walking alongside both Israeli’s and Palestinians opened our eyes to the brutal tensions on each side of the tragic Separation Wall and instilled in me a deep conviction to tell the story of those who are often forgotten by those of us in the West.  One such story is found in the lives of a revolutionary Palestinian couple in the West Bank…Click for complete article.

Writing Vacation

I love to write. I find it a great medium for introspection and processing. Further, I believe it is helpful for me to do some of that writing in community (i.e. blogging, etc…) as it often stimulates a dialog that draws attention to mutual experiences/insights.

With that said, writing isn’t beneficial to me when I write out of obligation or if it keeps me from putting my full attention towards something more important. As you probably know, Janny and I are in the middle of a move, raising funds as missionaries, nearing the end of a long pregnancy, I am continuing my Master’s work, REALLY close to publishing a book that has taken ALOT of attention, meeting/getting to know our new co-workers/community and prepping for a few speaking engagements. All great stuff and I am loving it, but it doesn’t leave much time for thoughtful writing!

Because my life is currently so far from a vacation, over the next month I will take a writing vacation. I will probably not post on my personal blog, youth specialties blog or write any articles for the monthly youth specialties publication. I’m looking forward getting back into a rhythm of life that will allow me to write a bit more, but for now, please follow along with the latest in our growing family’s life on our website/blog: North of the Border

We really want/need you walking along with us in this new endeavor!!

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