Just Peacemaking

Just Peacemaking #3: A Call For Interfaith Dialog

With my friend/owner of a local pizza place in the Christian Quarter of Jerusalem.

Christian Quarter of Jerusalem

In East Jerusalem where the majority of people are devout Muslims.

Just Peacemaking #2: A City In Tension

Sorry there are two parts, I got cut off in the middle!

Dancing outside the Old City Walls.

Dancing outside Old City Walls

Pic overlooking the Old City of Jerusalem. Dome of the Rock/Temple Mount on right with the Mount of Olives right behind on horizon.

Old City Jerusalem

Just Peacemaking Video Series: #1

In a time of volatile relationships in the Middle East that have only worsened due to polarizing rhetoric and political posturing, I am stepping into the middle of it all with a team of Just Peacemakers led by leading Christian, Jewish and Muslim scholars/advocates. Here is a post that gives more insight into the who’s and what’s of the trip. ¬†Believing the reign of Jesus transcends borders, we seek to create initiatives that step into conflict without settling for the justification of mass violence. Join me as I explore the human stories behind each side of the Israel-Palestine conflict.

Sorry for the video quality! ¬†It will probably only get worse once I’m on the ground in Israel/Palestine.

Here are a few books/resources that I have read in the past couple weeks in preparation if your interested in learning more about this extremely important issue.

1. Just Peacemaking: Transforming Initiatives for Justice and Peace

2. Christian Zionism: Road-map to Armageddon?

3. Nonviolence and Peace Building in Islam: Theory and Practice

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