LISTEN: Jon being interviewed by Tony Campolo and Shane Claiborne of Red Letter Christians on Everyday Peacemaking


If you want to hire me to speak, teach or consult, I would love to come to you and your community. Whether a workshop, a long conversation around a shared meal or a more formal speaking context (sermon, seminary lecture, etc.), I work extremely hard to personalize my communication and content to each audience. Further, I’m first and foremost a practitioner who is seeking to live a radically localized expression of the Church with a radically global worldview. As such, I’m committed to offering “lived content” that flows out of the life I’m living in my neighborhood/city and my work in peacemaking that takes place in the context of global conflict.  

Topics of interest and insight: Everyday Peacemaking, Peacemaking as Discipleship, Reconciliation, Living Locally as Global Citizens, Cultivating a Kingdom Worldview, Muslim-Christian Relations, Pastoring in Neighborhood, Missional Church/Intentional Community.

I have been a regular speaker at summer camps, universities, seminaries, various retreats/churches and international conferences.  Further, I have taught at the Soularize Conference, Inhabit Conference, Youth Specialities’ National Youth Worker’s Convention, Christianity21Sentralized, The Justice Conference, Telos Conference and others. 

Feel free to contact me by clicking on the Contact Page if you would like to discuss partnering together.


“Jon Huckins takes the teachings of Jesus, as given in the Sermon on the Mount, very seriously. His lifestyle is simple as he makes the sacrifices that will help others to simply live. His commitments to peace and justice have been brilliantly set forth in his many articles and books. Huckins is one of the bright new voices on the horizon and will be a major force in defining Christianity for the next several decades.” —Tony Campolo, PhD, Sociology Department, Eastern University

“A friend told me I should meet Jon Huckins because we “talk the same way about the Middle East.” My friend was right; I have found a kindred spirit in Jon. Not only that, I’ve found a teacher, a young man with wisdom beyond his years and with the heart and mind of a peacemaker. I’ve enjoyed conversations with Jon, I’m reading through the stack of books he’s recommended to me, and I look forward to each time our paths will cross as we walk with the Israeli and Palestinian peacemakers who inspire and humble us both. Jon will definitely be a resource for me as I challenge those in my faith community to become everyday peacemakers.” --Lynne Hybels, Advocate for Global Engagement, Willow Creek Community Church 

“As our church continues to explore what it looks like to live like Jesus in our neighborhoods, Jon Huckins’ knowledge and experience has been very resourceful. Having invited us into his neighborhood and taught at our annual conference, both occasions have been very important markers in the life of our church. Not only do our people continue to talk about the events, but many of the people who connected with him have actually been key pioneers in the step we are taking to connect with our neighbors and communities. As a community we are very happy and proud of the relationship that we have created with Jon and are looking forward to partnering with him more as our church culture continues to shift.” -- Noel Musicha, Pastor, Flood Church (San Diego)