Just Peacemaking #6: Palestinian’s Choosing Way of Jesus

This week I will post my last three video reflections from my time wading through the center of the Israel/Palestine conflict. There were so many experiences, insights and connections that I will only touch on a couple stories in these remaining videos. Please don’t hesitate to contact me personally if you would like more info on this conflict (i.e. explaining more of the political realities of Fatah and Hamas or unpacking Zionism and its implications in this region, etc…). Otherwise, I will be getting much more detailed in some upcoming writing/publications as I reflect and faithfully share the stories of those that often don’t have a voice.

Mazen in Daishe Refugee Camp

Street Art inside Daishe Refugee Camp
inside Daishe Refugee Camp

Separation Wall between Bethlehem and Jerusalem

Ayed with my friend Jer and I -- “Budrus” is movie that documents his non-violent resistance movement.