Kevin and Charlie: Part 2

The story continues…Check these out if you missed them: Intro and Kevin and Charlie: Part 1

Kevin was eighteen years old when he heard about a rumor going around the high school about his fifteen-year-old sister, Tara. Some of Kevin’s friends had heard an eighteen-year-old boy named Cory calling Tara a whore and saying that she was having sex with a bunch of the older guys—including himself. Immediately Kevin was filled with rage and wanted to meet this guy in the parking lot after school. All of Kevin’s friends knew about his temper and made sure he didn’t do anything he’d regret that day.

Kevin couldn’t sleep that night because he was filled with hatred and bitterness toward Cory. He thought, This guy needs to pay for what he’s done, and I’ll make sure I’m the one who collects. Kevin came up with a plan, and the next day he was going to put it into action.

Word passed through the school about a showdown between Kevin and Cory that afternoon in the parking lot. The whole school was buzzing, and Kevin enjoyed every minute of it. He didn’t usually carry a gun, but his dad had given him one when he was fourteen—just in case he ever needed to use it in self-defense. As he dressed for school that morning, Kevin tucked the gun under his belt and against his lower back so his shirt covered it.

After the last bell rang, most of the students had boarded the school buses and headed home. But a few stayed back in the parking lot to see what would happen between Cory and Kevin. Each boy was standing by his own car when the two of them made eye contact and began walking toward each other. Kevin threw the first blow, and it sent Cory to the ground. Cory quickly jumped up and pushed Kevin into a retaining wall. Kevin fell shoulder-first onto the concrete. As he was getting up, Kevin saw one of the campus supervisors running toward them to stop the fight. Before he could get there, Kevin pulled out his gun and pointed it at Cory. Everyone stopped and stared in disbelief. Kevin felt as though his blood was pumping through his body at a blinding speed. This confused and angry boy began shaking, and his grip on the gun was loosening. Then suddenly he fired.

Follow-up Discussion Questions

Why would a bad family life lead a person to act out in other parts of his or her life?

What’s our natural tendency when someone hurts us?

Why do we believe the lie that this is the only way to respond?

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