Book Giveaway: The One Sentence Story Showdown!

Ruby with book

So here is the deal…


I’m looking to give away some copies of my book, Teaching Through the Art of Storytelling and in order to pass around the love, we are going to write a shared story one sentence at a time.

How it works:

  • I will start by writing the first sentence of the story in the comments (I may jump in and write another sentence every once in a while!)
  • At that point we ALL become storytellers by writing the NEXT sentence in the story in the comment box. 
  • Let the creative juices flow freely and let’s see where this thing goes!


  • You can write as many sentences as you want, BUT they can’t be back to back. 
  • Your sentence MUST feed off the previous sentence.
  • Sentences can be stupid, ridiculous and random, but they can’t be offensive (use your own judgment on that). 
  • Story will conclude at 8am (Pacific Time) on Friday morning. 

How to Win:

  • I will randomly pick a sentence in the story and send a signed copy of Teaching Through the Art of Storytelling to the sentence author!
  • ALSO, I will pick an additional winner for every 50 comments/sentences that are submitted, so make sure to PASS THE WORD by sharing through social media!
  • Or you can guarantee to win/receive a signed copy of the book by ordering it here!! :) 

Ready, set, let’s write a brilliant story!  

30 Responses to Book Giveaway: The One Sentence Story Showdown!
  1. Jon Huckins

    “Once upon a time there was a woman named Penny who lived a quiet life when someone knocked on her door and offered her an opportunity that would change everything.”

  2. Adam McLane

    “Hi, my name is Jordan.”

  3. Lars Rood

    You are probably wondering why I don’t have any clothes on

  4. Tim Baker

    I lost my dog in the woods…have you seen her?

  5. christiana rice

    “Uh, no, I haven’t seen her,” Penny responds as she begins to slowly close the door.

  6. Phil

    “Well maybe there is something else you can help me with” Jordan said before the door was shut.

  7. Colin Kreiger

    Hesitating, Penny peered back through the crack at Jordan.

  8. Aaron Babyar

    “”Oh of course, you probably would like a loin cloth since Lars Rood probably stole your clothes.”

  9. Grant van Boeschoten

    Jordan had no idea what to say, his lack of clothing could in no way be attributed to theft.

  10. Jeremy Spence

    Penny seeing the confusion on his face stated; “You are probably curious on how I would know such a thing.”

  11. Edward KWak

    Penny then continued, “You see, I was reading my daily comics and through my window I heard what sounded like something moving or running.”

  12. Amanda

    “I glanced out my window and saw a young girl hop-scotching across the street.”

  13. Lars Rood

    “As I looked closer I saw a very curious thing on her back”

  14. adam mclane

    As I sipped my tea I thought to myself, “Why in the world does that girl have a vacuum cleaner tied to her back?”

  15. Jon Huckins

    Jordan, still standing in the doorway feeling especially thankful he put on his skin colored bodysuit that morning, asked, “You saw the girl that Lars sent to vacuum off my clothes while I was looking for my dog in the woods?!?!”

  16. The Dude

    “I saw her all right,” Penny replied, “that’s what made me spew my tea all over Dilbert’s pointy-haired boss!”

  17. Tim Baker

    “Is this young man bothering you Penny?” Her mom said, rounding the corner of the house, holding Penny’s dead dog in one hand, and a bloody butcher knife in the other.

  18. Nate Millheim

    “No,” said Penny, “and, in fact, Mother, I believe that this is the moment I have been waiting for my whole life.”

  19. Kevin Scritchfield

    Penny’s mother said, “Now why is that, dear?”

  20. Ryan McRae

    Penny awoke alone in the cabin while her dog hid under the blankets, terrified of the claps of thunder coming off the shore; Penny sat up, petting her shivering dog, hoping to get him back to sleep, and knew she had to call Jordan in the morning.

  21. Jim Hampton

    “Mother,” said Penny, “you’ll never guess the incredible dream I had–it involved Jon Huckins, Lars Rood, somebody named Jordan, and whole bunch of strangers who were dictating what I was supposed to do!”

  22. Josh Hopping

    Unable to restrain himself any longer, Jordon yanks open the door, rushes past Penny and, falling on his knees, cradles the dog’s corpse in a tender embrace while offering fervent prayers of resurrection to Jesus.

  23. adam mclane

    Meanwhile, in Chicago Penny’s long lost father was released from prison after serving 11 and a half years for stealing Mayor Richard Daley’s Scofield Study Bible.

  24. Josh Hopping

    “Finally,” Drake said in gruff and wheezy voice hinting of one too many cigarettes, “I can go home and convince that amillennialist daughter of mine that the rapture is coming soon.”

  25. Mia

    Meanwhile, on the other side of town, Penny’s twin sister, Jenny gathered the last of her belongings from the dark, damp NYC apartment she had called home for almost 3 years, stuffed everything in the beat up, veggie-fueled, volkswagon she just spent all her money on, in hopes that a move across the country to Los Angeles would finally mean the break she so desperately longed for in the pursuit of her dream career.

  26. Lars Rood

    But first she needed to plot allan that would make sure she had fuel all the way to Cali on Route 66 and that was going to be some serious veggies

  27. Lars Rood

    A plan

  28. Josh Hopping

    Driving on autopilot with dreams of fame, fortune and veggie oil running through her head, Jenny turned down the street where her mother and sister lived only to slam on the brakes as a tan Eurohound darted across the road closely followed by a young redhead with vacuum cleaner tied to her back.

  29. Mia

    With the awkward weight distribution of the vacuum cleaner and the shock caused by screeching brakes, she fell and couldn’t get up as Jenny instantly remembered that for over 3 years she had intended to buy a vacuum cleaner and there was a great one lying in the street in front of her tied to a girl.

  30. christiana rice

    Redheads, as we all know, are smarter than most. The redheaded girl with the vacuum cleaner tied to her back began to dig her fingernails into the asphalt and drag herself across to the other side of the street, skinning her knees to the bone.