Teaching Through the Art of Storytelling

My Book is Taking New Form!

While the e-book format of my book Teaching Through the Art of Storytelling (available here) was released this past December, Zondervan has made it official that the book will make a second release as a paperback! This is big news as many (myself included) are still a bit averse to the idea of reading a book on a screen and the paperback should allow the message to spread to a wider audience.  It doesn’t yet have an exact release date, but it looks like late April or early May.  You can pre-order the paperback through the Youth Specialities website here.

As a guy who abhors (yep, I just used the word abhor) self promotion, please help me pass the word by sharing/tweeting this post.

Here are a few recent endorsements of the book and a series of short videos explaining its contents:

What I found fascinating about this book is that I assumed I’d encounter nothing but ideas for teaching youth; but I found myself wrapped up in its pages and receiving a personal learning experience as well. It isn’t just a collection of theories either; Jon also relates incredibly helpful real-life examples and illustrations that will stretch and challenge you as you adapt them to your own youth ministry. I’m thankful for this book—it’s a rarity in youth ministry as it has the potential of impacting not only youth but also their youth leaders.”

Dan Kimball – author of They Like Jesus but Not the Church

“Jon Huckins’ Teaching Through the Art of Storytelling is right on time for today’s busy youth worker. At a time in human history where 140 characters on Twitter is enough to maintain friendship or a Facebook status update is as good as a birthday card, we need this reminder that God expresses His story to us in long-form. Filled with both the sound biblical philosophy and practical tips, this book belongs in the backpack of every youth worker.”

~ Adam McLane, Youth Specialties

“As we seek to find the most helpful ways to reveal the message and mission of Jesus, locating storytelling in the center of our methods will remain of primary significance.  this book will inspire you towards firing the imagination of your youth in very reachable, experiential and practical ways.  Well done, Jon!”

Chris Folmsbee, author of A New Kind of Youth Ministry

Why Did You Write Teaching Through the Art of Storytelling? from Jon Huckins on Vimeo.

Why Did You Write Teaching Through the Art of Storytelling? from Jon Huckins on Vimeo.

Book Video Discriptions

Want to know more about my book?  Unclear what it is really about?  Click on the BOOK page and check out the videos that Jon Hall and Peter Schrock put together.  The first video is an overview of the book’s goal and the final three introduce each section.

Sneak Peak Inside My Book!

My publisher, Zondervan, has released a preview into Teaching Through the Art of Storytelling on their website.  Click here for a direct link to the Table of Contents and about 10 pages of my first chapter. While this preview doesn’t include Dan Kimball’s forward or my intro which lays the groundwork for the first chapter, you can still get a glimpse into my personal journey towards understanding the narrative of Scripture and a brief re-telling of the Biblical story as seen in the Hebrew Scriptures (O.T.)   Take a read and let me know what you think!

Although this book is initially being published as an “e-book,” it will be published in hard copy if interest/sales show there is demand.  Please help get it into hard copy by clicking on the cover to buy a copy and by sharing/tweeting this blog (see buttons on top left of blog)!

Bottom Line: I believe this book as the potential to encourage/challenge youth workers and communicators, while ultimately inviting students into the Story of God.

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