Black Friday

Stories Behind Our Gifts (Re-Posted)

This is a post I wrote a couple years ago around this time.  It seems quite timely as the consumerist craze of Black Friday (see a story from earlier this morning) casts a shadow on the beauty of Thankfulness that filled our homes yesterday.

This is a great season to allow our values to be reflected in the way we spend our money.  It is so important for those of us who have endless products at our disposal to remember the stories behind the production of each one of them.  I struggle with this and I invite others to come alongside me in this struggle.  May we set aside some of our comforts for the sake of representing the love and provision of Jesus to all humanity.

Some creative ways to consume with integrity this Christmas:

  • -Buy from fair trade distributors like Trade as One
  • -Pass up buying another product and buy something practical for someone who desperately needs it
  • -Donate to that missionary or non-profit that has been on your heart
  • -Shop at second hand stores. (Ever heard of up-cycling?  Check it out)
  • -Give the gift of an experience rather than a product

More ideas?  Please pass them along in the comments!

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