Book Giveaway Trifecta

Ok, so we’ve heard it over and over and over…”tis” the season for giving.  Welp, with that in mind, I’m giving away one of each of my books: Thin Places (I’ll be giving the book & 6 session DVD edition!), Teaching Through the Art of Storytelling and Good News in the Neighborhood.  Click on the BOOKS links above to watch video trailers, read descriptions and endorsements for each.  

Wikipedia defines a trifecta as “a parimutuel bet in which the bettor must predict which horses will finish first, second, and third in exact order.”

Er, umm, that really has nothing to do with this give away, so I’m redefining!

A trifecta “is the opportunity to win one of three LIFE CHANGING (ok, maybe an exaggeration) books with THREE different ways to win.”

Choose one of these three ways to throw your hat in the ring:

1. Follow the link to any of these three book pages and click “like”(right next to the reviews under the title). Thin Places OR Teaching Through the Art of Storytelling OR  Good News in the Neighborhood. Then paste a link to your facebook page in the comments (so I know who to give the book to if you win!).  

2. “Like” my Jon Huckins Writing Facebook page (and post link of your facebook page in Comments below) OR follow me on Twitter and Tweet, “Jump in to win one of @jonhuckins books! #BookGiveawayTrifecta”  

3. Write a TRIFECTA Haiku (a Haiku is three phrases -- 5, 7, 5 syllable pattern) in the comments describing your love of egg nog.

I’ll be randomly picking winners on Monday!  Three, Two, One…TRIFECTA!!

7 Responses to Book Giveaway Trifecta
  1. suzannah | the smitten word

    Nogged-up coffee: cream
    and sugar, bourbon, rum. Break-
    fast of champions.

  2. RobertS

    friends and family
    gather ’round, eggnog moustache
    make Groucho Marx proud

  3. Levi Mawhirter

    the smell of pure joy
    a little taste of heaven
    love me some good nog

  4. Jay

    Saturated fat.
    Rum is its only savior.
    Neither egg nor nog.

  5. Eric

  6. jon huckins

    Here are some other great ones that came in through facebook:

    Lars Rood
    “I like your book(s).
    You write about things that matter
    Egg nog makes me gag”

    Steve Joh
    “i like the toddler
    reading your excellent book
    which i own, egg nog”

    Jesse Wheeler
    “Eggnog-A creamy
    Christmas concoction that warms
    spirits, just not mine.”

    Heidi Andrew
    “faith nog hope nog love
    the greatest of these remain
    agape egg nog”

  7. Jon Huckins

    Ok, Levi (Thin Places), Eric (Good News in the Neighborhood) and Steve (Teaching Through the Art of Storytelling) are the winners!!! Shoot me an email with your address and I’ll get your copies in the mail ASAP!

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